dopplerobserver: New Interrogation law wanted

Do not alter or destroy a persons dignity, that is the Geneva rules. It is clear. Dignity means self respect garnered by an individual by his trust about decency by his fellow man. "Waterboarding" makes it hard to be dignified. Freezing to death, or nearly, makes it hard to hold any dignity. Bombarding one with extremely loud noise beyond the ears design makes it hard to keep the faith.

dopplerobserver: Dopplerobserver Blog

Will try to be decent but critical where needed. Am open to correction when necessary.

dopplerobserver: Paper delivery time and no Free Speech

Got my paper today (Wednesday) after dark. Sometimes it comes before daylight, twelve hours earlier. When I read it the Free Speeches were missing again! Went to the internet but no Wednesday stuff there yet a 9:00 PM.

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