It is not pleasant or fair, but we will be losing many good teachers and staff this year due to budget cuts. The question is who stays and where will they land. Tenured teachers appear to be safe for now. Teachers with less the four years are in danger of losing their jobs, or being relocated within the county. Any teacher may be transferred ANYWHERE. If you have lived in this county any length of time, WE ARE ATTACHED TO OUR TEACHERS. Schools within the county differ by student-teacher- parent dynamics, population, economics, and community involvement. When the board cuts teaching positions, moves teachers around WITHIN the county, do you want a teacher/administrator use to one population teaching/administrating in a totally different environment. Money is short, supplies are short, classes are large, programs are being cut. Can we at least have some stability in where our teachers and our administrators work? I am a FMS parent. I love and support my school. I hope the school board will offer the kids, community, and schools some stability in keeping the staff that works best with the same school and in the same area. Let's not play musical chairs with our teachers and administrators. Would you like to lose your teacher to another school ? Please call, e-mail, or write Dr. DeCotis and ask that he give principals a voice in their teaching staff and their support staff.

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