gatorljh: Thanks for the inputs

I would like to thank everyone for their recent comments. Good and Bad. The good means we are doing something that pleases people. The bad means we need to strive to do better. My goal at the Longbranch is to see that everyone goes away happy. As far as the low score one time their was no one less pleased than I was, but I can assure all that it will never happen again and will admit that it is unacceptible I don't care what restaurant it is including mine. I have and always will try to make The Branch a pleasurable experiance for everyone. I will not speak negative of any of your thoughts because it is the only way we can improve on the things that are not up to standards.I will comment on one thing. What happened between Debbie and I it is of no concern to anyone other than she and I. Debbie and I still remain friends today. If you had a bad experiance please try us again, We will strive to make it a pleasurable one. Again thank all of you for your comments.

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