snoopy19: Anyone reccomend a company for business cards?

I need to have buisness cards made, any good suggestions?

snoopy19: Help: Can I borrow a crinoline?

My 10 year old daughter will be in the South Fayette County Pageant, to benefit Brooks Elementary, and we can't find a crinoline. It goes under her formal dress and makes it stand out and "poofy". Is there anyone who would let me borrow, buy, or rent theirs?

snoopy19: I need advice with CIGNA problem: preexisting condition

I had colon cancer, last year. Surgery, chemo, all with Aetna, and Mutual of Omaha. But, 5months ago, I changed insurance companies, to CIGNA.

snoopy19: Help: Converting old, super 8 film to dvd.

I have lots, of my family's old super 8 films. My dad, went crazy filming everything, from the 60's-70's, before VHS.

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