FCHS1fan: Disrespect at FCHS

It is very apparent why our young students at FCHS have no regard for our country or our flag. During the National Anthem tonight at FCHS basketball game the assistant administrator was talking on his cell phone.

FCHS1fan: Congrats Cheerleaders

Congratulations to Starrs Mill, Whitewater, Northgate and Sandy Creek on a great day of competitive cheerleading. All you girls did a wonderful job, your hard work and endless hours of practice really paid off today.

FCHS1fan: Calling all FCHS FANS

Tonight is the game!! Come one , come all to probably the best basketball game of the season (so far). FCHS is playing at home against Westlake tonight.

FCHS1fan: GREAT job area cheerleaders

A great big congrats to NGHS,SMHS,WHS and MHS cheerleaders! What a way to represent our region, finishing 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th.

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