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Friday, March 5, 1999
Police charge woman, 41, with forgery

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Peachtree City Police have charged a 41-year-old woman with first-degree forgery and five counts of obtaining dangerous drugs by fraudulent means, reports show.

Reports state that further charges are pending against Judith T. Lavergne, 210 Cedar Drive, after she allegedly used a stolen prescription pad and forged a doctor's name to obtain drugs.

Police also are investigating the theft of two hand-baskets of items from the City Circle Eckerd's. Reports show that employees saw two persons lift the baskets over the security scanners at the door, but were unable to accost the shoplifters before they got to a vehicle and got away. Police are seeking the two suspects based on descriptions from the Eckerd employees.

Other arrests include:

* James N. Petty, 38, 105 Perch Point, DUI and improper display of his golf cart decal;

* Timothy M. Jowett, 31, 124 Sweetgum, theft by shoplifting from the Blockbuster Video at Kedron Hills;

* Jesus R. Pacheco, 1205 Williams Circle, DUI;

* Carl B. Ricks, 19, St. Claire Shores, Mich., selling magazines door-to-door without a permit.

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