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Friday, March 5, 1999
Planning commission details

Coweta Editor

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After more than a month of poring through the city's land use ordinances and maps, Senoia's planning commission will hold a public hearing Monday night to reveal their plans for the city's future growth.

Once the public hearing is completed, the Senoia City Council will hold a called meeting to consider implementing the changes.

One aspect of the planning commission's proposed changes coming under fire concerns a historic overlay in the city's downtown area. The area would govern the type of businesses that could be located in the area.

Many of the area's business owners are concerned about what impact the overlay could have on their businesses, but planning commission members said all questions would be answered Monday night.

Mayor Joan Trammel could not be reached for comment on the plans.

After the plans and new zoning maps are approved, the city council is expected to lift the moratorium on building that was imposed at the beginning of 1998.

Monday's meeting starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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