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Friday, March 5, 1999
Chamber news

Coweta Editor

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With controversy swirling over the best way to lure industrial growth, the Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce has decided to enter the fray.

Late last week, the chamber announced it would hold a meeting with representatives from the Coweta County Commission, the city of Newnan, the Coweta County Development Authority and 21st Century Coweta to try and reach an agreement on an agenda for a meeting to discuss the best method for industrial recruitment in the county.

After an agenda is reached, the chamber wants the same groups, along with representatives from Grantville, Haralson, Moreland and Senoia to meet and discuss the issue.

For the last few years, the county has been trying to lure industrial prospects to the county to help expand the rapidly growing county's tax base. With literally thousands of new residents moving to the county each year, the county's infrastructure and school system are rapidly being overwhelmed.

Numerous consultants have told the county that the industrial base must be expanded, or property taxes would rise dramatically in the next few years to accommodate the growth.

21st Century Coweta was created nearly three years ago as a private and public entity to help show the world Coweta County and bring new industries to the county.

The fate of the organization was discussed at a Coweta County Commission meeting two weeks ago when Commissioner Jim McGuffey suggested the group should be folded under the leadership of the development authority and the chamber of commerce.

Since McGuffey's discussion, the county has been abuzz with talk of what the fate held for the group. Chamber officials want a summit of the leaders to dispel any rumors and give the county a clear plan for industrial recruitment.

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