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Sunday, January 31, 1999
There's life in the blood

By Dr. Knox Herndon

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My father-in-law Joe Rainey is having an operation and needs blood. There is a program through the American Red Cross where you can go and give blood in honor of someone and re-supply the blood blank. My wife Dee and I went over to a church in Forest Park, which was set up to be a temporary blood donor station, and gave blood.

We wanted to give the blood for many reasons. First of all, Joe Rainey is the father of my wife Dee and her two sisters Kathy and Nikki, and he is the husband of Mary Rainey my mother in-law. He is also the grandfather to our children.

Joe Rainey is a loving father and husband. He was also a bomber pilot who flew all the major bombers flown by the Americans during World War II. He and his crew flew 21 combat missions in the European Theater. Joe graduated from Georgia Tech and is an architect living in Plymouth Meeting,, Pennsylvania. He donates his architectural services to help restore churches and houses in downtown Philadelphia and his local community, to sell to the less fortunate.

While we were being interviewed by the blood bank people, we had to fill out a long questionnaire. This was obviously done to insure that the blood taken was free of any impurities or diseases that could harm another person. There were very explicit sexual questions asked about the history of one's sexual partners.

I couldn't help but think about our President. As I read the questions, I don't feel a blood bank worker could, in good conscience, take blood from the President and know for sure that it was pure, due to the extramarital affairs he has had.. Look at it another way: would you want to use the blood he had donated ? Do you think his blood is pure? Of course it depends on what his definition of is is, right??

The Scriptures say that there is "life in the blood." This is true in two very important ways. First we all know that without blood our physical bodies could not live. Secondly we know spiritually as Christians that only through the blood of Jesus Christ can one obtain salvation and have eternal life. Remember the life is in the blood!

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