The Fayette Citizen-Special Sections
Sunday, January 24, 1999


Where have all the givers gone?
Our small new mission church is looking for about 10 acres of land to one day build a church to the glory of God. I was riding down a road in Fayette County and saw a sign for almost a hundred acres for sale.

Corinth Baptist Church: where life begins and love abounds
Life began at the church in September 1880 as a small congregation midway on Corinth Road, which stretches between Ga Highway 85 north and Ga. Highway 54 east.

Long ago an old Lutheran country pastor was known to take a little "nip" of the communion wine on a hot summer day, as he drove the dusty back roads in his pre-air-conditioning old car to take communion to his shut-ins.

Clinton not the only one on trial
Will the popularity of a most gifted president alter the very principles upon which this nation was founded? Has black and white and right and wrong succumbed to the grey haze of popular opinion?

Looking at the big picture
Grace Evangelical Church in Fayetteville will host the first-ever southside "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" course beginning Feb. 1.

Sunday Briefs

Hands worth a thousand words
Willie Lamb's hands have told thousands of stories. She has signed a baby's first cry. She has signed design plans for a new couple's home.

What are you planning for Superbowl Sunday?