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Sunday, November 29, 1998

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Fayette County continues to grow.

According to the county planning department's monthly report, Fayette and its incorporated cities have issued 976 residential building permits this year as of September, including 100 in September.

The report shows 47 building permits in unincorporated areas for the month, 411 year to date; in Fayetteville 26 for the month and 289 year to date (including eight multifamily); in Peachtree City 24 in September, 229 year to date (including 14 multifamily; in Tyrone three for the month and 42 year to date, and in Brooks none for the month, five year to date.

Fayette County issued 25 commercial building permits through September, one during the month. Fayetteville issued one during September, Peachtree City and Tyrone two each, for a total of six. Fayetteville's commercial total for the year stands at 28, Peachtree City's at 23, Tyrone's at five and Brooks' at two, for a total of 83 so far this year.

' The Fayette County Planning Commission will take one more look at its proposed regulations governing communications towers this week before sending the document on to the county Board of Commissioners for final action Dec. 10.

The ordinance encourages location of towers along major thoroughfares by allowing towers up to 180 feet to be approved without public hearings if they are within 500 feet of the designated roadways. The Planning Commission meets at 7 p.m. Thursday in the county Administrative Complex.

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