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Friday, November 6, 1998
PTC authority hikes sewer fees for industry, commercial users, lowers residential fees

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Initial fees charged to commercial, residential and industrial water users in Peachtree City have been changed to cover costs and to bring the fee structure "on an average" with metro municipalities, according to Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) manager Larry Turner.

The authority board approved the action effective Nov. 3, but stipulated that "projects with paperwork already in process in the WASA office" would be charged under the former fee structure.

The changes in fees for inspections and/or connections "will not change the monthly rates paid for water and sewer use in any way," Turner emphasized.

He explained that while connection fees for industrial and commercial users have gone up, residential fees actually will be reduced somewhat. Previously, residential developers would pay a nominal inspection fee, then homebuilders would actually pay a $1550 connection fee plus $250 per house, Turner added.

Former fees for industrial and commercial users worked out to about $390 plus a $550 inspection fee, he said.

Now, all those who submit construction plans for WASA approval no matter what kind of development will pay an up-front permit fee of $2.25 per foot of public gravity sewerage in the project, Turner said. Then at the time of connection, the fee will be $1550 for all kinds of users. This works out to be a little less than the $250 per house, Turner said, and changes the fee payment from homebuilders to developers.

If an industrial or commercial project involves a pump station and force main, Turner added, an additional $500 fee will be charged. Also, companies may be charged extra fees "per pound" if they have "abnormal strength waste" requiring special chemical treatment.

"All our industrial users are monitored, with monthly samples," Turner said, "and if they exceed their permit amounts, they are charged for the excess. But right now we don't have anybody requiring the abnormal-strength treatments."

WASA also awarded contracts for flow monitoring to ADS Environmental Services Inc., $33,825; for a new backhoe from Griffin Ford New Holland Inc., $31,400; and for wastewater treatment plant improvements to P.F. Moon Inc., $1,205,400.

It also was reported that the authority has earned about $341,000 in interest this year on several separate accounts.

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