Friday, June 4, 2004

Local robot maker awarded

The Atlanta Hobby Robot Club sponsored the annual Robot Rally contest recently at SciTrek in Atlanta.

Peachtree City’s Tyler Roberson entered the open competition in which robot builders bring in and explain their own robot projects. Roberson was awarded a second-place trophy for his 12# combat robot, “Trebuchet.”

He explained how the goal of his robot was to fight sumo style. In July, Roberson will be entering in “Trebuchet” in the Stuart’s Small Bots of Mass Destruction event in Stuart, Fla. In September, Roberson will compete in Dragon Con, a tournament that will take place in Atlanta. Though only 14, Roberson has been a robot enthusiast for many years. He is currently in the process of building his next robot, which spins an S-7 tool steel blade at an extremely high velocity.

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