Sunday May 23, 2004

Signs OK’d for Summit Point subdivision on Southside

The residential subdivision that will be part of the mixed-use Summit Point project in south Fayetteville will get to have signage on Ga. highways 85 and 92 after all.

At Thursday night’s meeting, the Fayetteville City Council approved a sign variance to allow the ground signs in medians on the streets that lead to the subdivision off the highways.

Jahnee Prince, the city’s director of planning and zoning, said the corner lots nearest the median signs would not have ground signs facing the street entering the subdivision. That will reduce the sign clutter, she said.

The subdivision is landlocked by the commercial component of Summit Point, which will include a Publix grocery store.

Concordia Properties had originally requested several other signs, specifically to make sure the Publix will be identified by motorists since it sits back off the highway. Instead, Concordia decided to use signage for Publix without the need to request a variance, Prince said.

In other business, council approved a rezoning for the Fayette Car Wash from community commercial to highway commercial. The owner plans to add another car wash bay and several trees to the site which will be located under protective grates instead of in planters.

The car wash is located near the Big Lots in the Fayette 85 shopping center.

Council also appointed Liz Cole and Virginia Bittinger to the arts and architectural advisory committee. Cole is a landscape architect who also has a degree in sculpture. Bittinger graduated from LaGrange College with an art degree and she has a mural and faux finish business.


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