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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

What Denmark can tell us about the U.S. same-sex marriage debate


Over a decade ago, Denmark became the first country to implement marriage-like unions for gays. Can the Danish experience teach us anything about our current debate over same sex marriage?

Divas and romance

The game of love and all it entails, would be much simpler if men played by the rules of gracious Southern womanhood. This would require men to unfailingly treat us with courtesy, respect and thoughtfulness.


PTC budget must provide public safety

After reviewing the proposed city budget for the coming year, and attending a portion of the offsite Peachtree City Council workshop, I have a deep appreciation for the difficulty and complexity of this budget process. I am greatly disturbed about an issue that’s vital to every person in Peachtree City.

Parents must monitor teens’ golf cart driving

On Thursday, Gov. Perdue is scheduled to be in Peachtree City to sign into law newly passed state legislation that will put golf cart driving regulations under the control of local communities.

PTC police, patrol cart paths

It appears we will soon have our privileged golf cart law back in place, and I have a few requests.

Mayor Brown should live up to campaign promises

It appears we will soon have our privileged golf cart law back in place, and I have a few requests.

Thanks, teacher

With the election year upon us and so many important issues we must decide, we all look at the candidates and judge them based on what we want in our leaders. Many simply vote party line. Most lean toward a party and agree with the issues.

Confederate sub crew to be remembered here

This past weekend I had the honor of attending with my family the burial of the third and final crew of the H.L. Hunley. The Confederate submarine made history on Feb. 17, 1864, when it became the first submarine in history to sink an enemy ship.

County loses zoning activist

Nancy Charnock, one of the people who has made Fayette County such a wonderful place to live, passed away Saturday morning at her home on Old Norton Road in Fayette County.

Lack of explanation doesn't mean none possible

Pepper Adams responded to my article, “Intelligent Design without a Creator,” with a few arguments:

Misinformation rife in creationism vs. evolution

Could it be that doctor Jeremy Conley has finally discredited the largely mystical and undoubtedly nonscientific theories of evolution? Will a much deserved Nobel Prize finally fall upon Fayette County, Georgia?

Evolution can’t answer basic scientific questions

Mr. Duran’s April 7 letter (“Design without a creator? Yes, it’s possible”) leaves unanswered many basic scientific questions. (Questions that everybody, including a student like me, can understand; no complicated theories here!)