Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A hidden jewel

Food Critic

One of the best parts of this job is finding something new and different for my readers. We’ve all been to the chains and have grown tired of the sameness, and we would like something different without driving to Atlanta.

Well, fellow foodies, have I got a place for you. Sofella’s Grill is located on Huddleston Road in Peachtree City. If you’re not familiar with that part of town, it’s a road filled with car repair joints and other interesting businesses.

In fact, Sofella’s sits between Cafe Pig and a U-Haul rental place. I believe the space was a Mexican restauarant in one of its many incarnations. But don’t be dismayed by the surroundings, the food more than makes up for the location.

The restaurant has only been open a short time, and it deserves a lot bigger crowd than the night I enjoyed the cuisine. The chef has worked at a number of Atlanta restaurants, and now he’s brought his food skills south to Peachtree City.

The dinner menu features several seafood dishes, including tuna and mahi mahi. I opted for the jambalaya, and was quite happy to find four huge shrimp, along with chicken and andouille sausage in the New Orleans inspired dish.

Other choices include a steak dish, pork tenderloin and chicken.

I also enjoyed a delicious Caeser salad, and I understand their desserts are delicious. The restaurant also serves lunch, which features several sandwiches, including a reuben.

I’m hoping this kind of restaurant is more of what will open in our county. It’s no secret that Fayette County residents spend a lot of their disposable income on dining out, and now Atlanta restaurant owners are beginning to take notice.

But for more of these to open, we have to support pioneers, like Sofella’s Grill. It truly is a great addition to our food scene, and I hope many diners will pass several chains on the way to this inspired cooking. Let’s put our money in the pockets of the small businessmen, instead of the chains.

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