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Friday, March 26, 2004

PTC Flash hosts Cobb track meet

The Peachtree City Flash Youth Track Team hosted a track meet

at Riley Field last week for the Cobb County Track League. Pebblebrook Track and the

Silver Sonics Track Team represented Cobb County. The Running Stars Track Team represented Paulding County.

The Flash had the most first-place finishes (23) and finished first in the overall medal count with a total of 73. Running Stars came in second with a medal count of 57 and third place went to Pebblebrook Track with a total of 48.

The 8-under girls saw first-place finishes by rookie Morgan Barkley

(100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 800-meter run, softball throw) and veteran Holley Gibbs (1600-meter run).

For the 10-under girls, Julia Curtis had a first-place finish in the 200-meter dash, Haley Smith had three first-place finishes (1600-meter run, 800-meter run, softball throw), and Alison Wilson to a first in the shot put. The 10-under girls also took first place in the 4X400-meter relay, which saw an outstanding leg run by veteran Chelsey Bowman to set the team up for the win.

For the 12-under girls, Grace Flanagan took first place in the softball throw while the 14-under girls saw a first-place performance by Mary Roberts in the 1600-meter run.

The girls also saw second-place finishes by Michaela Brown (8-under 50-meter and 400-meter), Holley Gibbs (8-under 800-meter), Jamilla Clark (8-under 1600-meter),

McKenzie Hewson (10-under 100-meter and 200-meter), Madison Schrama (10-under 400-meter, 800-meter and 1600-meter), Hailey Smith (10-under shot put), Alison Wilson (10-under softball throw), Jessica Brown (12-under 800-meter and softball throw) and Rita Steiger (12-under 1600-meter). The 10-under relay team of Alison Wilson, Mackenzie Nail, Madison Schrama, and Haley Smith took second in the 4X100-meter competition.

The 8-under boys saw a first-place finish from Parker Nail in the 800-meter run. The

10-under boys had four first-place finishes by Ryan Hamill (400-meter dash, 800-meter run, 1600-meter run) and Tylan Jones-Breland (high jump). Ryan Kozusko finished

first in the high jump for the 12-under boys.

Coming in second for the boys were Nathaniel Highfill

(8-under running long jump), Ryan Hamill (10-under 50-meter), Logan Nichelson (10-under 200-meter, softball throw), David Hewson (12-under 400-meter) and Allen Sheldon (12-under softball throw).

The Flash’s next meet will be their annual invitatational April 3 at Riley Field.

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