Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Cultivating a new business

Local man draws on lifetime of interest in horticulture, landscaping


David Cree’s career in horticulture and landscaping began at the tender young age of three, when he planted toothpicks in the backyard to grow toothpick trees. David continued his work with plants in grammar school, growing a vegetable garden in the vacant lot next to his home in Dallas, Tex.

David has come a long way from the days of toothpick trees and vegetable gardens, and his horticultural pursuits have spanned the globe. He studied the art of bonsai for over three years with a Japanese master, and also became involved growing orchids.

A member of the American Orchid Society since 1973, his employment with an airline made it possible for David to travel extensively throughout Central and South America, collecting wild orchids to bring home to cultivate in his own greenhouse. He has lectured to Orchid Societies and Garden Clubs nationwide on these adventures into the jungles in pursuit of rare and exotic orchids.

For almost 35 years, David has been involved in some type of horticultural endeavor. For two decades he helped friends, neighbors and charitable organizations with their landscaping needs on a pro bono basis, as his abilities were more of a hobby and ministry, rather than a vocation. In keeping with his volunteerism spirit, David became a Fayette County Master Gardner in the late ‘90s.

After several years of retirement, David decided to finally make a business out of his hobby and passion. He began in earnest to develop his landscape business, Peach State Horticulture, based in Peachtree City.

His efforts have been well received by the community and state of Georgia. David achieved the prestigious industry award of Georgia Certified Landscape Professional, of which there are only 10 or so awarded per year in the entire state. He has also been certified by the Georgia Department of Agriculture in pesticide application.

It is easy to spot a landscape that David Cree has had a hand in creating. His creations are very artistic, and he always uses a leat a few of his “signature” plants in the setting, blended with some of the more traditional bill of fare. This landscaper enjoys employing rare and unusual plants, and Japanese Maples and conifers are his favorite landscape plants. Fayette County is truly a more beautiful place due to David’s skillful touch.

For more information about Peach State Horticulture for landscape design or landscape/architectural lighting, call 770-631-1187 or 770-377-3173.


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