Wednesday, May 1 2002
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Talkin' trash

Ever experience pangs of guilt as you pinch empty aluminum cans or toss yesterday's newspapers into the trash? Perhaps you want to do the right thing to preserve our planet but just don't know where to take recyclables or who takes what. Help is now at hand by means of your computer.

Potential water bans mean gardeners need to be smart about watering

With water bans in effect in several states last year and another dry year being predicted, gardeners need to be smart about watering. When it comes to watering, how you do it can be more important than if you do it. In fact, improper watering can do more harm than good, and there are many things gardeners can do to avoid having to water at all. Here are five tips from Kathy LaLiBerte, a gardening expert from Gardener's Supply of Burlington, Vt., that will allow gardeners to have an abundant harvest, beautiful flowers and green lawn even if rain is scarce.

Grilling, gardening or storm watching

As the sun rises higher in the sky and the earth begins to warm, it's not only animals that come out of hibernation. When warm spring weather finally arrives, it's all about being outdoors.

Checking gutter in spring prevents summertime problems

Gutter maintenance is something homeowner's tend to think about only after a problem occurs. They may soon discover that poorly functioning rain gutters can cause many problems, including foundation erosion, basement leaks and rotten fascia boards.

Gardens made simple with new annuals

Just in time for spring, Ball Horticultural is introducing nationwide the most beautiful, consumer-friendly line of flowering plants ever offered in garden centers

Cheer up any room with glass block windows

Nothing can cheer up a room and add visual appeal more than the shine and sparkle of natural sunlight streaming through a glass block window. In fact, according to Pittsburgh Corning, windows have become the most popular application of glass block today.

Recent wood innovation ideal for gardens

Wood is a natural in garden construction, but what type of wood is best for your garden?

National contest awards $100,000 to all-American lawn

For some it's a path to relaxation. For others it's a form of exercise. For many it's part of the weekly "to-do" list. For one lucky household, it will mean $10,000. The activity: lawn care.

Plumbing 101: Quick tips to keep your plumbing in top shape

Although you may not feel qualified to take on major plumbing installations or repairs around the house, there are many small things that you can easily do to repair, clean or maintain your plumbing.

Insect and disease problems of trees

Insects and diseases can threaten tree health. With careful examination of the problem, identifying the specific symptoms of damage and understanding their causes, you may be able to diagnose the problem and select an appropriate treatment.

Are you a hazardous waste case?

Earth Day is your annual reminder to think globally and act locally right in your own home. Not many of us think of ourselves as polluters. But did you know that some household products are hazardous to the environment?

Learn from last year's lawn care mistakes

You thought you did everything right last year. You fertilized, you watered, and you mowed. So why didn't your lawn turn out the way you had hoped?

Top 10 lawns offer fertile travel opportunities

A stroll through America's top 10 lawns will take you to Spanish orchards, opulent estates, tropical streams and Japanese gardens. Whether you are looking for sites to see during a cross-country road trip or planning a one-day adventure not too far from your backyard, these lush lawns are must-see destinations across the United States.

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