Sunday, November 4, 2001

Movie theater gunman to get new lawyer after appeal stretches out three years

A man convicted in 1998 of robbing a movie theater at gunpoint will be allowed to get another court-appointed attorney to represent him during the appeals process.

Gate crasher at Holyfield's worried about anthrax scare

A man whose car crashed through the gates of Evander Holyfield's property in North Fayette County last week was likely fretting over his possible exposure to anthrax.

Parents and students unite as a band at Whitewater Middle School

Members of the Whitewater Middle School Band are having an interesting experience these days. While preparing for the upcoming Musical Legacy concert, many students are getting ready to perform with their parents.

Fayette Middle teacher wins scholarship

Out of 260 applications submitted, a teacher from Fayette Middle School is one of three in Georgia and South Carolina combined to be awarded a $2,300 scholarship for National Board Certification from State Farm Insurance.

Movie plane ticketed for landing in Lake Peachtree last week

In what may have been a first for Peachtree City police, a local officer ticketed an airplane last Wednesday for performing touch-and-go landings in Lake Peachtree.

How to pray for your pastor
Religion Columnist

One of the greatest sermons ever preached on American soil was proclaimed by early American pastor Jonathan Edwards. The title was "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," and the message had tremendous impact as it helped to spark the revival movement known as "The Great Awakening."

The Legacy of 9/11

I don't think there is an American today, regardless of his or her faith, background, or ethnic origin, who wouldn't say that Sept. 11 has had a profoundly effect on our lives and forever changed us.

What's your legacy?

Guest Columnist

Back in 1986 when I resigned from my job as a nurse at a family practice office where I had worked for five years, my older son was elated.


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