Sunday, September 30, 2001

Rotary Main Street Festival next weekend

The public is invited to "relive the days of your childhood and be carried "back to small town America" at next weekend's Rotary Main Street festival in downtown Fayetteville.

Two arrested for fair fly-by

Despite an attempted cover-up, an instructor at Sierra Flight School in Hampton and a 16-year-old student pilot have been arrested for flying over the Kiwanis Fair Tuesday night, narrowly missing two rides and alarming the crowd.

Delta to cut 13,000 jobs

The battle against terrorism hit home Wednesday as Delta Air Lines announced that more than 13,000 positions have to be cut by the end of the year.

Youth basketball referee pleads guilty to cutting coach; says it was self-defense

A former local youth basketball referee maintains his innocence despite entering guilty please in court Monday afternoon to charges that he cut a coach with a knife during an altercation in February at Spring Hill Elementary after a game between 7- and 8-year old kids.

Pavilion drug deal results in 15-year sentence

Who knew a package of sugar at the movies could cause such trouble?

Police Blotter

May we pray?

After the horrifying attack on America, Sept. 11, 2001, this is an e-mail sent to the Supreme Court.

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