Sunday, August 12, 2001

Council wants answers on power plant

Add Fayetteville to the list of local jurisdictions with more questions than answers concerning the power plant proposed for south Fulton.

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Plans are in full swing for the 8th annual Main Street Golf Tournament slated for Sept. 14 at Whitewater Country Club.

Carrier retiring from pastorate

The congregation of Christ's Church at Whitewater (Kenwood Christian Church) will celebrate the life and ministry of its senior pastor, Paul Carrier, Aug. 19 as he retires from full-time pastoral ministry after 45 years.

Fayetteville family attacked by armed intruders

Fayetteville police are searching for three or four black males who broke into a local family's home and held them at gunpoint while ransacking their house late Wednesday night, according to police.

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Founders' families still active at Lisbon Baptist

The Lisbon Baptist Church, in the Rest community, still counts among its 400 members the last names of the charter families: Jones, Travis, Adams and Kerlin.

Homecoming causes us to look backward and forward at same time
Religion Columnist

Forgive us at McDonough Road Baptist for feeling somewhat nostalgic this weekend, but we're celebrating "Homecoming 2001."

Are you a geezer?

I received an e-mail from my good friend Dave Smith which I will share here. The author is unknown.

Shake it off and take a step
Contributing Writer

In the front of my most ragged Bible, recorded on those inside cover pages in the front and back which I always think beg for something to be written on them, I once scribbled something to which I have often referred over the years.

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