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Friday, August 10, 2001

Sprint cars series adds intensity to Senoia Speedway after competitive week

The constant threat of rain failed to dampen the excitement and racing action during last Saturday night's racing program at Senoia Speedway. Instead, two short rain delays only intensified each competitor's appetite to take home the checkered flag.

In the super horse-powered Late Model division, Roger Delp proved to be top qualifier with lap of 13.89 seconds. When the green waved, Jon Davis charged to the point, with Dale George and Delp hot on his heels. For several laps, Delp repeatedly tried to pass George on both the inside and outside, but couldn't complete the maneuver until the race's 7th circuit when he slipped underneath George as the two hot shoes entered turn 3. The caution flag came out on lap 10 as Tom Westmoreland looped his car in turn one.

The re-start saw Davis still in front, Delp second, and George in third. At the drop of the green, Delp was glued to the bumper of Davis while Scott Griffin waged his own war with Randy Bynam. On lap 13, Griffin slid past Bynam and on lap 14 Delp passed Davis, who was also passed by George on lap 15. Delp maintained the lead for the remaining laps and visited victory lane for the first time the season. Griffin finished second, Bynam third, George fourth and Davis fifth.

In Sportsman action, Andy Cash started on the inside front row with Steve Payton in the outside pole position. Alan Kimball started third and Charles White started fourth. In accordance with track rules, Rod Williford, the last feature winner in the Sportsman division, started in the eight slot. On lap four, Williford caught White and the pair traded sheet metal until White suffered a flat tire on lap five. White drove into the pits for new rubber and was ready to go on the caution lap. The finishing order had Payton taking first, Williford second, Cash third, Kimball fourth and Mark Lore fifth. However, Cash was protested and a post race inspection found him to be illegal. With Cash suffering a DQ, the payoff sheet saw Payton still in first, Williford second, Alan Kimball third, Mark Lore fourth and Billy Kimball fifth.

In Street-Stocks, Mark Lore was on the pole with Jason Turner in the outside front row spot. Landon DeGraff started third, Toby Bowden fourth, Larry Pierce in fifth and Robbie Gober started in sixth. At the drop of the green, racers were three wide entering turn one. Pierce took advantage of the situation and bolted to the head of the pack. On the third lap, Pierce went high entering turn three, thereby allowing both Lore and Gober to slide by on the inside. On the next lap, Gober motored by Lore and took the lead. Although Lore, Pierce and Turner each tried to run down the leader, none could do so and Gober went home with another victory. The finish saw Gober first, Lore second, Pierce third, Turner fourth and DeGraff fifth.

Mini-Stock racing saw drivers competing for double points and double first place money. Troy French sat on the pole and maintained the lead until a rain delay moved all the cars off the track. With racing once again underway, French took the lead, with Ty Stewart, Mike Chambers and Stephen Adams right on his heels. On lap 5, Stewart moved by French and on the seventh circuit Chambers and French were running side-by-side and trading sheet metal. As the pair exited turn two, each suffered a flat tire. Both racers made it out of the caution without losing a lap but the other racers began charging hard. The results saw Stewart taking first, Hamilton second, Chambers third, Stephen Adams fourth and Sam Adams fifth.

In Legends Group A racing, Andy James was on the pole, with Scott Tinsley on the outside pole. On Lap 9, Andrew Posser spun due to a slick racing surface, and cars were ordered to pit row while wreckers began circling the track. Shortly, the track was again dry and racing resumed. The payoff sheet saw Stevens first, James second, Tinsley third, Perry fourth and Andrew Posser fifth.

Legends Group B saw Bobby East use his pole starting position to quickly take the lead, with Cindy Anderson right on his bumper, followed by Michelle Theriault, Bubba Harry and Ron Johnson. On lap three, Doug Ludwig, passed Johnson going into turn three and then maneuvered around Harry as the two exited turn four. While Anderson continued to dog East, Ludwig repeatedly tried to pass Theriault. On lap 16, Ludwig managed to pull of the pass, only to see the checkered wave before he could catch East and Anderson. East took the win with Anderson second, Ludwig third, Theriault fourth and Johnson fifth.

Dale Akridge edged out Lloyd Whittenburg for the win in Roadsters. 15 year old Trey Maughan from Peachtree City, Georgia got the victory in Bandolero, with Sharpsburg's 15 year old Matt Peoples finishing second. Third went to Brian Sharp, with Adam Akridge fourth and Heather Whittenburg fifth.

Next week's racing program is a special attraction as the high powered, hard charging winged Outlaw Sprint Cars invade Senoia Speedway. The United Sprint Car Series, based out of Fayetteville, Ga., stages 35 events a year at 27 different venues in nine states. The cars typically weigh over 1,300 pounds and their fuel injected 360 cubic inch engines produce 650 to 700 horsepower. They utilize 25 square foot wings on top and six square foot nose wings for traction and stability. Their tires are also bigger, usually 18 inches wiode for traction. The cars travel in excess of 125 miles an hour.

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