Mario Avery

Mon, 10/31/2005 - 10:33am
By: Candidates Forum

My name is Mario Avery and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Citizens of the City of Fairburn for trusting me enough to elect me as your City Councilman.

I think Fairburn is a great city with great people. My vision for Fairburn includes safe streets and neighborhoods, top notch public schools, parks and green space. Lower taxes, and responsible growth and development including neighborhood input. I have outlined the issues as follows:

Public Safety- In order for people to have confidence in their local government they must first feel safe and secure. I have spent time with our local safety officials studying the various issues involved in protecting our citizens including riding along with officers to make sure we are efficient, even handed and decisive in our approach to safety. Our citizens will be protected!

Public Education- We have a duty to our children to provide them with the absolute best education they can get. Bar None!! We owe it to our children to supply them with the best teachers, the best schools, and the greatest amount of resources possible to help them succeed. We must demand excellence from our children our teachers and ourselves.

Taxes- Bringing down the cost of living is one of the toughest issues we as an elected body have to tackle. I propose creating a “ONE FAIRBURN CARD” for all Fairburn Citizens that would encourage citizens of Fairburn to utilize our local merchants and encourage our local merchants to give a percentage discount to any Fairburn resident that utilizes their goods and services.

Neighborhood Development- I believe that the citizens of any neighborhood should have a say in the direction and development of their own neighborhood. I am currently proposing a Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee that would keep citizens informed give them a voice in what happens in their own community.

Please take some time and review what I have said since you elected me, and what I have done since you elected me, and I hope you will come to the conclusion that I work very hard all the time, tell the truth all the time and that I am on the side of the citizens all the time. I believe in “One Fairburn For All the People”

I humbly ask your vote to Re-Elect Mario Avery on November 8th and may God Bless you all!!

Councilman Mario Avery!

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