Children's letters to God

Wed, 10/07/2009 - 9:16am
By: The Citizen

Children's letters to God From left are Maddie Mateer, Benjamin Peacock, Paige McCauley, Brent Davis and Austin Monk. Photo/Special.

The Legacy Theater will open “Children’s Letters to God” this Friday. The show, based on the popular book by Stuart Hample, features music by David Evans and lyrics from Douglas Cohen. It opened off Broadway in 2004 and has found a lot of success in regional productions. The show, originally performed by children, has featured adults in other productions, but the Legacy has cast it with young actors, several of whom are from the area.

“The show focuses on five young people ranging in age from 9-15 who are all facing different challenges,” said director Mark Smith. “The questions they ask God are questions anyone would ask. The audience sees the questions through the eyes of a child and finds things they can relate to.”

“Children’s Letters to God” is not faith specific. It is a high energy show with a good sense of humor. There are a number of vignettes, but the show is not a series of sketches. There is an arc to the story as the characters deal with the issues that face them.

The show features local actors Brent Davis, Paige McCauley, Benjamin Peacock and Austin Monk. Davis is a student at Whitewater, McCauley attends St. Paul Lutheran, Peacock goes to Trinity Christian and Monk attends Flat Rock Middle. The only cast member not from the area is Maddie Mateer, a native of Gulf Breeze, MS.

“These five kids are some of the best I have ever worked with,” said Smith. “They are talented and professional. We have asked a lot of them and they have risen to the challenge.”

The cast enjoys the humor in the show and McCauley found that a lot of the questions posed in the show are the questions that she has. “Children’s Letters to God” deals with weighty issues like love, death and divorce, but the show has a light touch, aided by songs that the cast describes as catchy.

The cast has come together quickly and sees each other like family after working so closely. Their ease with each other aids in their performances playing characters that are interwined and dealing with real issues and questions. “Children’s Letters to God” aims to be a show that entertains you and tickles your funny bone, leaving you surprised by its poignancy.

“Children’s Letters to God” runs Fridays-Sundays, Oct. 9-25. Performances are at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturdays and 3 p.m. on Sundays. Tickets are $25 for adults, $15 for children 12 and under and $22 for seniors and students. Phone 404-895-1473 or visit

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