The President is a smart guy. But he still has a lot to learn. My fear is that he does not want what has worked for this country, just his own agenda. Power has gone to his head, he spends money for the sake of his programs, he hires czars with no congressional over site and these czars work in the shadows, its a clandestine government. "Mr. Craig has built a White House counsel's office of formidable size, with 41 lawyers, according to the administration's most recent filings. Mr. Bush left office with about 30 lawyers in his counsel's office."
This is outrageous. Does the President think this is his money, or just our money for him to use anyway he sees fit.
He complains about wall street and corporate greed and executive bonuses,
Seems he spends and hires people everyday, flies off in Air Force One every chance he gets.
One thing he does not have is wisdom.
A lot of people do not trust him, or his administration. I see troubled days ahead for him, unfortunately these will be troubled days for all of us.

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