Rich's column

I never read that thing, but the "bush hog" thing attracted my attention as I know what one is and I didn't dream she did!

Such comments as "I'm available to help you in any way, just call;" and "how are you;" and, "do you need any money right now;" "you will be in our prayers," along with the other one thousand I have promised, have become American gibberish for the benefit of the victim and any one listening.

Most people have no intention of doing anything significant unless called, and maybe not then! "Can't do it this week!"
Recognition seems to be what people are looking for for their "offers," and they seldom do anything worthwhile without telling a hundred people.

The answers to "how are you," are just as bad as the question!
"I'm just fine, how are you doing?"
(If I tell you that I had a heart atack last week, found out I had Diabetes, and lost my job," you will say to others, "don't ask him how he is, or you will wish you hadn't!")

I prefer to talk about current events mostly and be honest in my greetings.

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