The little house on the left

The house on the left has a history. Decades ago Mrs. Rogers, a blind woman, lived in a little three-room house on the property, we always called it The Rogers House. Papa Greer (Margret's daddy) used the old house as a place to build Johnboats in the early 50's. It had a long kitchen the length of the house in the back. The property belonged to Cousin Wyatt, then his daughter Lulu, then my daddy (Walt Banks). In the early sixties Dillard Greer (Wyatt's son) bought it from my daddy and built the house that stands there today.
My parents lived in the original home place built on Greer’s Mountain in the early 1800’s. In 1961, my daddy built a small house on top of the mountain. A large stately house stands there now. It is the second house on the right after you enter Greer’s Mountain. In 1997, I convinced my Mom to move to Upson County. She did not want to leave her home. Five generations of her family had lived on Greer’s Mountain. We finally convinced her to come (after we decided to move her house next door in our yard). Therefore, the house in Fayette County where I grew up now sits in my side yard in Upson County.

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