All Saints hosts film festival

Tue, 06/30/2009 - 2:39pm
By: The Citizen

All Saints Anglican Church in Peachtree City hosted a Christian film festival last week which was highlighted by the appearance of Christian film maker, the Rev. Doug Folsom.

The festival was open to the public and was entitled “The Best of the 168-Hour Film Project.” The 168-Hour Project is an annual competition wherein producers are allowed one week to film and edit an 11-minute movie based on a Bible verse.

Folsom’s film “Up In The Air” won six awards including “best film” in this year’s competition, which included 70 entries.

Besides being an Anglican priest and film producer, Folsom also acts professionally in both Christian films and non-Christian films, with previous parts in “Goodfellas,” “Splash,” “All My Children” and “One Life To Live.” He has served in a number of Anglican churches and as a chaplain to a major Hollywood studio.

During the festival, Folsom presented six films which ranged in subject matter from hair-brained comedy to dark drama, but all with an underlying Christian theme.

All Saints parishioners and visitors engaged Folsom in questions, answers and discussion about the films and film-making. Folsom said he sees part of his ministry is to tell stories through film which point toward God, yet also appeal to a more general audience.

All Saints Anglican Church is presently located at 303 Kelly Dr. with plans to move to a permanent facility this summer.

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