Sanity is Overrated, I'll Stay Crazy

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I am composing this in response to all the folks out there who are of the opinion that I am a crazy person, oh, and pompous, let's not forget pompous!

I find this very laughable, primarily because it is coming from a segment of the population that gallantly crusades to block the openings of Goodwill Stores, whose greatest concern is the length of the median grass, and whose biggest worries in life are issues pertaining to the tidiness of golf cart paths. If the owners of this world accomplish their agenda for this world you can kiss all that pettiness goodbye!

You all think that the world is a certain way, what you see on the TV, and when someone like me tells you it’s all a lie you get mad at me. That’s ok, I am simply exposing, and will continue to expose federal government officials as nothing more than bought and paid for window dressing for the international banking cartels that have seized Washington DC.

You must realize ALL of you that the left and right are two wings on the same vulture that are now picking our eyes out.

The G20 is being hailed as the beginning of the New World Order, but you won’t here that on US TV news, only in the papers online that hardly anyone reads. The IMF is being set up as the beginning of global governance that ALL nations will pay “cap and trade” carbon taxes to. A new international fiat currency called SDRs to be used between international banks, which will be hyperinflationary, has also been approved.

Simply stated this means a supranational world government of, by, and for the banksters that will tax us into oblivion. Now if you think that the US government doesn’t listen to you, what makes you think a planetary government will, hmmm?

Chew on that for a while. We are in major trouble, and if they manage to get our guns away from us the killing is going to start real fast, you can believe it or not. I don’t require you to believe it, but things are happening of which you are not aware.

Your federal government does not care about you. DC does not care if you live or die. You can definitely believe that.

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