Confusing Justice?(Levy arrest;Dekalb Sheriff,Madoff)

What are these "announcements" that someone is going to be arrested next week, or soon?
The Dekalb Sheriff was given a Preliminary notice that he will be fired next week! What is the point of that?
Also, it was "announced" that the murderer of Chandra Levy will be arrested next week! Next week? Are these "announcers" looking for additional publicity?
Also, it has been determined that the great chisler, Madoff, who took 50 BILLION, never did invest a dime of the money he promised to invest! It is a different thing to invest someone's money and lose it and never to have invested it at all!
Put the man in jail now for that!

Can we mention all of these CEO's and other senior executives who took billions in bonuses from their stockholders for losing money?
Reason? They may be needed next year! For what, to lose more? Sounds exactly like graft to me.

However we still are putting a youngster in jail right away for stealing a loaf of bread from a store. We must be afraid of him.

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