Who is Obama?

Obama scares me. I don't trust him.

But before you Obama supporters begin to cut and paste the daily kos dribble, let's get one thing straight: I don't like Bush or his massive spending habits, I didn't vote for Bush. John McCain isn't George Bush, and Bush isn't running for a third term. So, talk to me about McCain's character if you want to discuss the two choices.

As for Obama's character and judgment, to say it is worrisome to me is an understatement.

Want to see the tip of the corruption iceberg?

Who are you Obama?

As far as the character of B. H. Obama is concerned:

Google BO Ayers
Google BO Khalid al-Mansour
Google BO Donald Warden
Google BO Mohammed Hasan Chandoo
Google BO Rezko
Google BO Saul Alinski
Google BO Wright
Google BO Khalidi
Google BO Malcolm X
Google BO Alwaleed bin Talal
Google BO Farrakhan
Google BO Woods Fund
Google BO Red Party
Google BO The Black Panthers

Some of you will have your mind already made up and some of you will be objective and form a more reasoned opinion. As for me, I am going to continue trying to get John McCain to finish his climb from a 4x6 prisoner of war cell in Hanoi all the way to the White house.

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