Electoral voters

Al Gore got more popular votes nationwide than did Bush but lost the election due to Bush getting more electoral votes.

That occurs when someone wins enough states with a big majority and the winner did not.

It is very possible that can happen again this time. It appears that Obama will get more electoral votes than will McCain.
It is also possible that McCain will get more popular votes and lose.

There are about six states that if McCain doesn't win two of three he will lose.
I don't see him getting huge popular majorities anywhere, although the Alaskan Lady will help some with the conservatives.

Look for a lot of time to be wasted on a Constitutional change if this occurs again.

Someone who wins New York and California with 75% of the vote shouldn't be President if the opposition wins 2/3 of the states!

Also, winning a "solid south" only should not put anyone into office.

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