Super Hero Delta Pilot Captain Dick To The Rescue

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I promise to protect and serve our citizens. I will protect our economy with good paying jobs supported by smart pro-business legislation. I will serve our children with a quality education.

Yawn… more political clichés from another wannabe politician. How many times have we seen these same voter pick-up lines over the years.

Unlike our current Representative, who idly sits back, reacts to events unfolding, and goes with the flow,

Well, it’s obvious Captain Dick is clueless as to what Representative Jim Yates’ record truly consists of. Other than Dan Lakly, I cannot think of a stauncher taxpayer advocate than Mr. Yates has proven himself as. Mr. Yates caused the GD word jump from Zell Miller’s mouth on one occasion causing the big spenders to have to take the eraser to wasteful and excessive spending on more than one occasion.

The most hideous problem that he has personally caused is voting for reduced education funding every year since….

To interpret that to the little people……. Captain Dick believes that our poor test grades and education rankings are caused by the lack of dollars being funneled into education. Delta Captain Dick would have you to think that throwing more cash around will result in improved test scores. Thank Rick…. That solution has been tried repeatedly with very little success. Come on here and tell us to dump Cathy Cox as state school superintendent and you’d have a lot more credibility. Tossing more dollars…. Where did you get that lame mindset come from?

Education-All good things in life start with a solid education. Our children are our ……

Yada, yada, yada..

Vouchers- We need to be able to let our taxpayers choose the school they want their children to attend……

More clichés. Yeah many of us do desire a voucher system. Just not the Matt Ramsey, Valencia Seay, Ronnie Chance voucher system that would have destroyed Fayette County via access of students from the failed Clayton School Systems.

Vocational Training-The many kids who are not academically oriented, or who are not interested in college must have the opportunity for a quality vocational education and training.

I agree Captain Dick. We do need to train many of our young people to have skill sets that will keep them from becoming deadbeats immediately after getting out of high school. We do indeed need to train up more craftsman and skilled laborers instead of building false employment expectations in the minds of every young person that they too can be president of the United States or the CEO of a large company while starting out with six-digit pilots salary from day one.

Taxes- Nobody wants taxes. However, we all need the Police and Fire Departments, we like schools (see above) and paved roads etc. So taxes are the price we pay for our civilized society.

Nah…. No kidding. Thanks for enlightening us with that priceless revelation.

But we must always refine what services we need and then only fund them. It is too easy to continue taking in taxes and not cutting unnecessary items. It is also too easy for politicians to say they will cut taxes and not say which programs will be cut.

Does that include the school systems you want to throw more money at?

I will work to getting the tax reforms that were talked about this past legislative session, ……

I cut that off quick. There was nothing more than a bunch of political rhetoric to bore us with.

We must strive to have a balanced, smart budget that takes care of what we have and prepares our State for the future.

See what I mean. Big hat not cattle….

Bi-Partisanship- We have 180 State Representatives and they all think their counties are the most important. In order to get good things to happen in government, we must be able to work on both sides of the aisle. I will always strive to reach concensus amongst the legislators and make the government work for us like it is supposed to. I will always support good legislation from whichever Party offers it. I will personally strive to initiate smart legislation.

Now this is where we need to really start paying attention to what Captain Dick is trying to tell us. Now I think we can all agree that Bi-Partisanship is a necessary element in getting certain things done under the dome. But, is Delta Captain Dick’s version of Bi-Partisanship what we desire?
Let’s look at where Captain Dick is coming from to better understand his version of bi-partisan politics. Let’s start with these tidbits.

1. Captain Dick was the former webmaster for the Fayette County Democrat Party.

2. Captain Dick’s wife just gave $500 to Obama’s presidential campaign. And he admitted that this contribution took place via the use of his credit card.

3. Captain Dick led an entourage of Democrats into Matt Ramsey’s office to intimidate Ramsey into supporting and voting for the Democrat Virgil Fludd’s district voting bill.

Now that is a man who can truly embrace bi-partisanship and more.

Transportation – Infrastructure

I left this part of Captain Dick’s rhetoric off. Captain Dick has nothing to offer in these areas other than some more classic Ronnie Chance campaign slogans.

Healthcare- There are so many people who do not have any insurance that they flood our hospitals' emergency rooms. The crisis at Grady Hospital, as a major Trauma center for the Atlanta metroplex (that we are in) must be dealt with. I will work hard to get Grady and all the other Trauma centers fully funded every year. When you are involved in a serious accident and get life-flighted to one of these centers, you want it fully operational and properly staffed

Now is this a tell-all issue or what? The solution to our healthcare issues is to throw more money at the corrupt and wasteful Grady Hospital. What Captain Dick is saying is that Fayette and Spalding County needs to embrace the concept of taking our tax dollars and sending them up to Grady Hospital rather than supporting our own healthcare infrastructures right here in Fayette and Spalding Counties. An idea that comes straight from the Democrat playbook disguised as a bi-partisan concept.
I close with the observation that Delta Captain Dick Williams’ definition of bi-partisanship is retaining your Democrat beliefs while masking them via qualifying as Republican. Now isn’t it funny that some of our Democrat friends on the Citizen wasted little time in condemning Rush for supposedly interfering in Democrat primaries while they are dead silent as one of their own actually runs as Republican? How truly shameless is that?

Well, this is just the initial volley into a race that does need to be looked at more closely. There is more to come out Captain Dick as we move forward.

I just don’t understand it???? Williams would have made a great Democrat House Candidate. Puzzled Why should he pretend he is something that he is not? Puzzled

Side note…. Did anyone else note all the spelling errors on Captain Dick’s website?

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