What is it with Tyrone?

When I came to PTC, route 74 went right through the middle of Tyrone.
I haven't been through there all the way since the by-pass was built.
All this ranting and raving by bloggers about the town management up there and the million dollars the budget is short, etc., sounds odd to me!
All I remember about Tyrone of early days was a BBQ place as you neared Tyrone, and old building full of used chairs, tables, freezers, etc.,a post office, I think, and a pretty good cat fish place. There were some other odd buildings around but I don't remember what they contained.
I always took it as a cotton bales pick-up point of days gone by or something like that.
Now many people seem terribly upset about the people who have been running the town. I know a lot of speculative houses have been built, and land has been annexed, but what is the fortune there that everyone is fussing about?
Are they afraid that the houses they bought might lose value for some reason?
The town itself seems to me to have been moved to the by-pass (or what could have been an expanded town--had it not been by-passed).
I suppose the cops and the town managers are still "downtown" somewhere.
Just what is the problems there for such a small place? Did the modern stores, etc., on the by-pass start bringing in some money and there are those who want to say how spend it?
Gracious PTC and it's 40,000 haven't got many more fusses going than Tyrone!

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Submitted by truthandjustice on Sat, 05/31/2008 - 9:35pm.

For those uninformed and get all their information from the blogs theguy is correct. But do a little investigation on your own and it becomes more evident that the real problem is elected officials that will lie to anyone to get their way or their vote. Grace Caldwell started the problem about 4 or 5 years ago when she tried to get to be mayor and lost. Since then she has been waging a rumor campaign to discredit anyone who opposed her or that she thought might be supporting the old group. She used a longtime resident to get access to the senior population then preyed on their fears to get their vote and now that she has a council that does her bidding, Tyrone is in deep problems. Over 1/3 of the deficit is attributed to the costs of Grace’s handpicked manager and attorney. Don’t believe everything in the blogs, check it out, go to town hall and get a copy of the proposed budget, look at past minutes on line, make up your own mind.

Submitted by theguy on Sat, 05/31/2008 - 7:47pm.

The reader's digest version is that Barry Amos and Valerie Fowler ran the place for 10 years with zero oversight from the past mayors and council members. They had free run of the place to do what they wanted. Essentially, with all of the growth nobody had the presence of mind to consider that the economy might crash one day leaving Tyrone with services, people, and bills that it couldn't afford.

The only real growth that Tyrone has allowed has been residential. Very few businesses that actually produce high revenues for the Town by way of taxes have been allowed because the elected officials and their residents wanted the city to be a bedroom community. They don't want 74 to like like 85 in Fayetteville. No problem there...

However, after the city started to see its population grow, it started to expand its government and services under the advice of Good 'Ol Barry. Now that the building boom has ceased, the city has very little tax base. At 2.9 mills they have the highest taxes in the county, but it does very little good when you only have about 6 or 7 thousand residents and very little tax generating businesses. Now the city has people and services to pay for that it can barely afford.

It doesn't help that several of the commercial buildings that the city has allowed are now empty. Too much of the wrong kind of commercial development that the city's population couldn't support have been allowed to come in only to close their doors. The taxes from these businesses were counted on for future revenue, but since they were allowed in a city where the couldn't survive, that revenue is gone.

The new mayor and council inherited a huge mess and no matter how hard they try, they can't please everyone and now everyone blasts the nice little city in the blogs, making it the laughing stock of the county.

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Submitted by whodat-is on Sun, 06/01/2008 - 10:05pm.

Tyrone has gone from Mayberry to Oz. Maybe its all a dream.

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