Black Liberation Theology Explained

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Black pastor and author Bishop E.W. Jackson says many African-American civil rights leaders promote anti-Biblical ideas like those espoused by Senator Barack Obama's former pastor.

A minister in Virginia and a former high-level official in the Christian Coalition, Bishop Jackson says while most black pastors do not promote the views of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, there are some civil rights activists who want to encourage division among the races.

Jackson calls the mindset of many civil rights leaders 'the religion of blackism.' "I call it a religion because really what it says is...the ultimate reality is one's race – in this case being black," he maintains. "They are going to be sorely disappointed when they find out the color of your skin has nothing to do with you getting into heaven. It's rather whether you have submitted yourself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ."

Christian voters, Jackson believes, must not sit out the upcoming presidential election -- whether their top choice for president is on the ballot or not. He says it is vital for Christians to call the nation back to God's holy standards, and according to Jackson, voting is one way to do that. "A vote is an offering up to God," he continues. "I believe that we must give an account for what we do politically and what public policies we support in the same way that we must give an account for how we treat people and how we behave in our private and personal lives."

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