McCain's Fathers never got to Camp David

Both his Father and Grandfather were senior Admiral's, but never saw Camp David. John might have made Admiral if he hadn't visited the Hanoi Hilton so long.

I'm not sure now whether he will ever get there!

Obama looks like a sure thing as of now.
He hasn't been to Camp David either. Not sure about the Lincoln bedroom!

Bush, like B.Clinton, plans to take all of the furniture in the White House when he leaves--I suppose not the numerous huge sets of China however. Those Texas cooks will have to go!

I don't think Chicago will be the summer or winter White House. My best guess is the "Big Island." Gomer Pyle has a big plantation there and he may welcome them!

The "Dreamliner," the new Boeing Jet (3 of them) is already being specially outfitted for the new President. The Upstairs will be for the President, and the downstairs for the servants. There will be an "upstairs maid" and a downstairs maid."

Camp David will be used for Black Mason meetings. And Chicago youth groups!

Marches on Washington will be welcome---even by the hundreds. However, no one from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Vermont will be allowed to march there.

Just kidding, Hillary won't do this stuff!

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