What ever happened to Randolph Scott?

I mean Newt Gingrich?
I surely thought he said he would run for President---or was it Vice President? He would make a good vice.

We threw away our best choice for President---Joe Biden. Unfortunate.

Barring all catastrophes, I plan to vote for John McCain. Not because Hillary is a woman, nor due to Obama being black, but because he can handle the situation that we are now in much faster---even if he makes a few mistakes in doing so.

I expect McCain will select a VP from a state who can be helpful in the general election. He is that smart.
I'm sure that the VP will be an icon in the far right, also. Hate that!

As to Randolph Scott (the supposed homosexual, western, 50s movie star)
He is long gone but still controversial due to living with Cary Grant so long.

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