Pew Forum: Religious Landscape in America

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The Pew Forum recently conducted an unusually large survey to get a profile of religion in American life.

Some 78% are professing Christians.
Roughly 4% are either atheists or agnostics.
Some 51% (and declining) are protestant (where that includes both mainline denominations and evangelical churches.)
The mainline protestants are losing membership, and the evangelical churches continue to gain.

Nearly half of all adults have left the religion in which they were raised either for a different religion (in many cases this is a switch to another protestant denomination) or to have no affiliation at all.

Some of these results are surprising to me, as they go against my own limited anecdotal evidence. I know many people who have left evangelical affiliations either for mainline protestant groups or Catholicism.

I myself am a closet Anglican, I think.

Pew Survey

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