Republicans/Pitiful economy ... and fair tax

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So the AJC reports that 10,000 folks have showed up for the 400 Wal-Mart jobs, most of which will not break $12-16 an hour, if that.

That's a lot of folks with either ~worse~ jobs or no jobs. Nice economy there Mr. President!

Wait til the "Fair Tax" comes and the price of staples goes up 10-20 percent or more. That will create a whole new Welfare State in and of itself. And the fatcat Republicans will laugh all the way to the bank 'cause the rest of us are suckers.

Can the Huckster and his UN-Fair Tax!!!

BTW if 10,000 folks bothered to come out and interview with Wal-Mart you can't blame them for staying at home collecting checks so shut the &$(%* up before you even say it.

Too many people are hurting out there economy wise ... and don't get me started on the war no one can win in Iraq.

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