Base-a-ball beena very gude tuhme!

I let the idiots who play basketball for a living go, thinking their game at least kept them busy. I also let the Roman gladiators who crush each others knees, shoulders and heads during a football practice or game go.
I am deeply hurt by what the union and car dealers from Milwaukee--along with crooked agents have done to baseball however.
I'm sure that the 90 or so players named today as having used steroids is about 10% of the actual number who did.
We saw right here in Fayette County what steroids do to an athlete or muscle-bound idiot!
Right now I'm not sure which is worse: constant unneeded wars with violent deaths; manipulations of market futures like oil for gain; deliberate conniving in nearly all major business practices to cheat; lawyers who will argue a known (to him or her) criminal is innocent--not just see that he is heard and all the facts are presented--but innocent! They also use fronts to advertise on TV as some dude who doesn't exist.
Now baseball, a game that has done more for kids growing up than any other one game, is practically ruined maybe for ever!
These things don't just happen! They are made to happen by moneyed interests who do not care about baseball, kids, their families, or anything else.

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John Munford's picture
Submitted by John Munford on Thu, 12/13/2007 - 11:05pm.

Sure today's MLB doper list sure took the wind out of our sails, but baseball as you and I truly appreciate it will live on.

In fact my 6-year-old has no idea about today's announcement and I surmise all of my T-ballers next year won't either. They'll blissfully carry on, group-chasing balls hit to the outfield.

Youth baseball as a character-building exercise will continue, and for the older kids who heard the news, its an excellent opportunity to remind them of the dangers of doping not just for a competitive edge but also just to get high.

On ABC Nightly News they had a clip of several middle school age boys gathered around a paper. One said something to the effect of: "I thought Roger Clemens was all about the worth ethic. Now we know it's all about the steroids."

Of course Clemens has issued a denial, but those are cheap theseadays. As a Cardinals fan I'm ashamed now of Mark McGwire even though he wasn't named in the report ... and can we really believe Jose Canseco?

But don't worry about the kids. They'll be just fine!

Submitted by d.smith700 on Fri, 12/14/2007 - 6:22am.


Submitted by d.smith700 on Fri, 12/14/2007 - 6:21am.

I know your generation calls everything "positive" and continue to say how wonderful everything "is going to be," but believe me, if these people aren't punished, or at least tried by the federals--go on home with their multi-millions (A-Rod today, over a quarter BILLION contract)then even he will be suspicious.
We have let corporate crooks go with a slap for years and would you say that corporate crooks are any less now than before?
People continue to learn principles from baseball far beyond 6-year olds!
I loved the Cardinals as a kid. I saw Musial play--and Garagiola. when I was in the military.

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