All Saints Anglican Church sponsors new Scout unit

Tue, 11/27/2007 - 3:39pm
By: The Citizen

All Saints Anglican Church sponsors new Scout unit

All Saints Anglican Church in Peachtree City announced this week it is sponsoring a newly chartered Boy Scout Unit.

The Rev. Michael Fry said the church is already providing space for all of the meetings of Troop 210 and will assist wherever possible.

“I’m very excited to have Troop 210 meeting here at All Saints,” Fry said. Scouting has been an extremely valuable resource for helping to mold young boys into men for nearly a century.”

Troop 210 is part of the Sepohaytv District and the Flint River Council of Georgia.

Scoutmaster Dave Dale has ten years experience in Scouting, eight of that as a Scoutmaster or leader of a local unit.

Dale said “We are very happy about the enthusiasm All Saints brings in its support for us, the commitment it has to the ideals of Scouting, and the opportunity to increase the Scouting experience for young scouts in the parish and others from the community.”

The troop has a number of educational and inspirational activities on its agenda for the coming year, to include a camp out at the infamous Civil War prison at Andersonville.

“We also will visit the Appalachian Trail, cycle on the Silver Comet and do a water event at Mountain Outdoor Expeditions in Elijay,” said Assistant Scoutmaster Phil Kelley. “In addition, we will go to Camp Thunder in Molena for summer camp and the annual Klondike camp-out in January, which is a council-wide jamboree.”

Besides those locations named by Kelley, the troop will attend the Philmont Scout Ranch which is known as one of the major adventure camping sites in the world.

The troop plans to finance much of its operations with fundraisers such as popcorn sales. This money will be used to buy equipment and attend various scouting events.

“All Saints best represents the ethics we teach our boys,” concluded Kelley. “This is especially true with regard to being morally straight which is one of the points in the Scout Oath. Lastly, we knew All Saints would welcome and support Boy Scouts.”

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