Fayette County Animal Shelter

Can Fayette County please upgrade the facilities at the animal shelter? I know this isn't high priority on everyone's list, but after a recent visit there I left very sad about the state of the facilities. How old is this shelter? It seemed ancient and very small. This isn't a negative to the employees-they seemed very capable and friendly and concerned about the animals. The space seemed very inadequate for the animals-small dog runs inside and small cages for cats. There isn't a room for prospective adopters to visit with the animals. It's difficult to make a decision on what could be your pet for 15-20 years by simply looking at it through a cage. Only if staff is available can they go get the animal for you to see in their lobby. Build them a state of the art facility or seriously upgrade what's there. Give the shelter enough employees to help facilitate the adoptions. Fayette County should make this a priority. Does anyone know anything about this being in the works? I wish the commissioners (aren't they the ones to make this decision) would go visit the shelter and see how much the facility needs improving.

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