Tyrone Councilman Smola running for mayor

Thu, 08/16/2007 - 9:41pm
By: Kevin Wandra

Tyrone Town Councilman Michael Smola announced Thursday that he is running to become the next mayor of Tyrone.

Smola made his announcement near the conclusion of a Town Council meeting.

"I've enjoyed my last five years as Post 1 councilman," Smola said. "I also recognize other positions are becoming available. The most important position in Tyrone in the next four years will be mayor. I would like to announce my candidacy for that position tonight."

Current Tyrone Mayor Cheryl Lee is not seeking re-election. Thus far, Smola's only opposition is local businessman Chip Young.

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Submitted by thelonerangerof... on Sun, 08/19/2007 - 3:14pm.

When Tyrone Councilman Michael Smola announced his candidacy for Mayor of Tyrone, he said he was a good listener, takes a balanced approach, is entrenched in the community, controlled development, had a plan in place, did a good job as Councilman and has given back to the community. Notice the generalities in his statements. Let's look at the specifics. In 2004 he voted to take away all land uses in all zoning districts. This one act has caused enormous financial losses to all businesses, constant turmoil at council hearings and large lawsuits. This one act disqualifies him from representing the people. His so called balanced approach consists of always voting against Grace Calwell & Gloria Furr, who are the real representative of the citizens. He supports everything Barry Amos does, who is easily the most despised person in Tyrone. If Smola is a good listener, he certainly pays no attention to citizen's voluminous complaints, which includes his smart aleck attitude toward people who speack at council. He certainly is entrenched in the corrupt government circles but not in the community at large. He definitely has a plan to control development. It's sewer for high density downtown development and taking property in violation of 5th amendment property rights, without just compensation which is a conspiratorial plan with Amos. Smola considers all of this a good job. Tyrone definitely needs a new mayor, but it's certainly NOT SMOLA. NO MOLA SMOLA! VOTE for DON REHWALDT for MAYOR.

Submitted by too bad on Sun, 08/19/2007 - 8:08pm.

Smola's comments on why he is running for Mayor leads me to believe he attending meetings some place besides Tyrone. "I'm a great listener"? you must be refering to your wife's incessant babble. You can't possibly be talking about anyone who has come before the council, or for that matter, anyone, ON the council. Didn't you cut Grace off, your fellow council person, the same night you annouced yourself for Mayor, when she was trying to pin Barry Amos down about something as important as the sewer deal? Not to mention the whos who list of taxpayers that come before you to question the lastest nightmare rezoning you've done on their property when they knew nothing about it.
"I take a balanced approach to everything I do. I'm big on planning" Wasn't it ..YOU..who was gonna build your new library on Shamrock park even though the ...TOWN DIDN'T OWN IT...? Then you went in front of the Fayette county commisioners asking for the land and made an a## of yourself by yawning so much we though you either were going to go to sleep or OD? Yo yo ...way to go with planning.
"We have tried to control developement." May I remind you the Wieland developement up 74 you voted in with half the town at the meeting screaming ..NO..! Then because we HAD a law saying you had to have at least one buildable acre per house, you zoned it for duplexes!???? so Wieland could stack em in there? Then, moving right along and leaving a lot out, a month or so ago, YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE TO VOTE FOR 8 HOUSES PER ACRE FOR DOWNTOWN? "I'm firmly entrenched in the community." Now that one took some head scratchen...did you mean in the hole you have dug for yourself, or do you mean hunkered down in the bunkers, waiting for us to catch on? "I'm giving back to the community"...well take your do do and go back up North.

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