Please IGNORE the Blog Graffiti!

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Just ignore them, please.

I've just read and re-read several very poignant and interesting articles and debates online. Mixer and Muddle were having an extraordinarily good debate about matters I find of great interest. (I wish Fayettespeaks didn't censure debate, and then I'd invite you to come to that website to explore those topics further.) However, I couldn't help but again be perplexed by those that come to this website and spray paint their graffiti from top to bottom on almost every blog or news article.

So, I"m asking you regular posters who have some cognitive abilities, to please IGNORE those who attempt to do nothing more than to take the debate down to a level where no one can truly participate.

IGNORE THEM all, and eventually, without the attention they so richly believe they are entitled to, they will hopefully leave or at the least become more considerate of the means by which to communicate. Its worked for me, I've been prodded and goaded on many occaisions, but I refuse to respond to these vandals.

I'm asking the major contributors to this website to IGNORE those that SHOUT and MOCK and SCREAM and make all of these ludicrous comments on almost every blog.

We all know who they are. Its not a secret.

All I am saying is give Peace a Chance! Ignore them and they may go away.

Now to see the level of intellect that follows this blog's posting.

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Submitted by DragNet on Tue, 07/17/2007 - 10:54am.

Allright, allright....I am already ignoring you. No need to request being ignored in such a passionate way...

Making you think twice......

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Mon, 07/16/2007 - 8:29pm.

What you said in English, and in a few words here, was that some of you "regulars" see things, or facts, more clearly than some others.
Therefore, I suggest that all of you irregulars out there leave this site and start another one and leave these empirical beings to engross themselves in excessive wordage.
Now my cogs work fine, but I will agree that I sometimes when I have an hour or so, that I read some of the epistles of confusion.
Most of us don't give a rat for the empirical cognitive discourse of some here.

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