Posting for S. Bells & denise, by proxy

We went together to a republican political meeting recently at the Onyx.
We were to discuss what to do about the immigration problem, but decided there wasn't any problem. Also, on the agenda, was what to do about free-loaders and encroachment upon other people's writings and opinions. We also decided that neither of these things meant very much and ordered another drink with food stamps (good at the Onyx).
Torture came up but it was decided that nobody had been tortured by anyone any more than we had in our lives and so we wouldn't worry about that any more.
Taxes came up and we agreed that the tax break for people making over 100,000 should remain, so as some of us could continue to get some of it from the ones under 100,000.
A health care system came up, and we did disagree about this somewhat, in that one of us wanted universal care, free of charge, and the other one wanted everyone to buy their own, or work somewhere that paid it for them. We agreed to let Hillary do her thing when elected.
Crime in Fayette County came up and we both agreed to keep it North of the Fayette County Line by building a 12 fence with guards, except for white collar crime, and certain types of feel good medicine like Oxycontin, which Limberger says is fine for us.
Warring came up and we agreed as long as someone else will die and go without legs fighting it we will be glad to let it rip!

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