Better Or Worse?

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Maybe there is hope that the tide is turing on the forces of profiteering. The Super Logsdon Lowes was shot down by the planning commission. Even Logsdon is running for the hills on that one.

The troupe of idiots at Direct PAC got another kick in the rear. Anyone who knows PAC leader John Dufrense will tell you those guys are definitely not the sharpest tools in the shed. Maybe they’ll just disappear.

Does anybody know anything about the status of the Kohl’s Logsdon wants on Highway 54? I don’t like it when things get quiet with Logsdon because it usually means a surprise meeting is about to pop up with four hours notice.

The Westside Village deal is moving forward. Isn’t it strange when the city sends out surveys to citizens asking about annexation; the majority of citizens say don’t annex, and the planning commission moves it forward with their fingers in their ears. The Logsdon years will be known as the time when government went deaf.

Former mayor Steve Brown is taking a swing blade to Logsdon and the developers while former mayors Bob Lenox, Joel Cowan and Fred Brown have to put on a diguise before they leave the house. That SPLOST thing is turning out to be a real stinker.

A lot of people say Logsdon is still in favor of building TDK. There’s only one reason I can think of for anyone supporting TDK. Let the people decide on this one.

Lunch is over and I didn’t even get a chance to rail on the infamous Rep. Lynn Westmoreland.

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