Don't Make Us Over! Hot time in Tyrone!

Tyrone is a small, sleepy little town full of people who feel, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It seems more and more apparent to all who go to the Town Hall meetings, we have a person that wants to reform us, (small town hicks) and "show us the way." We were just a frontier of uneducated, backwoods people, pattin our feet in the mud and preoccupied with sexual fantasies of our cousins till they arrived to lead us into the present, to shed our sinful life, and give up our selfish visions of our kids going to small schools, plenty of room between us and our neighbors and, being very vocal in our government. Vocal, was only suppose to be done by... him, our higher, enlighten one.

Tonight, I saw some shameful behavior by an elected official. How did we get here? (God help us, we don't smoke wacki to-backie stuff, we are just very naive and believe Yankees when the smile and show all their teeth.)
A person got up to voice his opposition to something he should have... known... we needed, but didn't understand. That being, houses on 1/4? 1/8 acre? in downtown Tyrone. Never mind we don't have sewer! We should just all be big about it, and hold it I guess? That must be what they do in the big cities. This person was ridiculed by the elected official and it was said that this person of superior knowledge felt that this person's house was on less than one acre, and therefore, implied,shouldn't speak. The water was muddied about where this objectionable person lived, and implied he should be thankful for small lots.

I think what is missing is...we don't want to be saved! We like our small town, and the people VOTED and said this. Leave us alone, go back up North where you can live on top of each other. Don't try to enlighten us, my cross eyed cousin is kinda cute!

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Submitted by boxwing on Fri, 03/16/2007 - 8:01am.

It seems that the Tyrone Council is jumping the gun to even think about approving the new downtown Tyrone zone for Mr. Clark. The council itself started a process of review and comment on the plans by setting up a citizen review committee and scheduling public comment meetings in April. The town has not even begun to answer the key question on sewer services and traffic impacts of the development. It would be the logical approach to let this planning process proceed to its conclusion before even considering any rezoning in the downtown area.

So why bring this up now to the Council? The simple answer is that the developer has already purchased the land and is paying loan payments now. It is in the developer's financial interests (not necessarily the residents interests) to move out quickly on the project.

Also I've heard that the Town Manager has said that the Trickum Creek Bypass will be needed for the development to reduce the traffic on Tyrone-Palmetto Road. That plan would require over 6 miles of NEW right-of-way and roadway to move the traffic bottleneck from the Tyrone-Palmetto Road railroad crossing to the Sandy Creek railroad crossing. That simply moves the town's problems off on the unincorporated county residents and doesn't address the real problem with any cross-county road - crossing the railroad.

A much better alternative is to use Swanson Road as the bypass and run it into Hwy 74. The Tyrone ramp off Hwy 74 is the only ramp on Hwy 74, so get rid of it and add a light at the Swanson/74 intersection. Those Coweta commuters could turn south on 74 to go to PTC, or to Tyrone Road to go to Fayetteville, all the while using the existing railroad flyover. The right-of-way exists, requires only 1.25 miles of upgraded roadway, has the same intersection development costs, and solves the railroad crossing issue at a fraction of the cost of the Trickum Bypass concept. And most importantly it allows Tyrone to solve THEIR PROBLEM WITHIN THEIR TOWN LIMITS! (Novel concept)

So Tyrone, what will you be in the future? Thorn in the side of your residents and neighbors or great place to live?

Submitted by pukenputter on Fri, 03/16/2007 - 8:35pm.

Something that caught my ear was the developer being out ed, if you will. It was brought to every one's attention that he use to be on the planning committee for Tyrone years ago. The speaker, who made this point, also made another, that this developer had asked for a variance on almost every project he has had in Tyrone and got them. How he gets his way has lifted many eyebrows in the past. It is becoming clear that he was relying on old friendships and knowing the lope holes. I wonder how many people that have given him variances should have excused themselves from the vote. Another dirty little secret of Tyrone government floating to the top. How ugly. How legal?

Submitted by annihilatebarry on Sat, 03/17/2007 - 8:28am.

Something that caught my ear as well during the Planning Commission hearing was when Burt Clark's Attorney stood up and stated that it was true that they could not build the project without sewer. He stated that Mr. Clark was approached by the Town to develop this project. He further stated that it was his understanding from Barry Amos that sewer would be coming down Senoia Road. So, who exactly should us citizens be mad at? Who should we be pointing the finger at? Is this another case of Lee, Smola, Letourneau and Amos trying to develop our town the way they would like at the expense of others?

To make a difference in the world, you must first dare to be different.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Wed, 03/21/2007 - 3:59am.

I didn't hear Mr Clark's attorney speak. The drawing for downtown Tyrone presented over a year ago caused such an outcry that I thought it was trashed? There was no doubt in anyone's mind no one wanted it. If someone from the town approached the developer and asked him to buy this property and go ahead, people should be made aware of who and why. That whole plan was a disaster. Some of the councilmen wanted to put a library on Shamrock park. A lot of older people use that park to walk and also raised their kids playing on the old fields there. They enjoy it and it has a lot of sentimental value to them. Secondly, the county owns the park and would have to GIVE it to Tyrone which they would not do. To my knowledge their has been no new plan drawn up, therefore, for someone from the town to approach the developer, unknown to the taxpayers and the rest of the council, doesn't sound quite right. I wonder what crystal ball Mr Amos was gazing in to tell this developer that we were getting sewer in downtown when no one else was aware of it? If a group of people have an agenda for downtown that is not approved by the taxpayers of Tyrone , that sounds illegal. Lastly, the people of Mill Brook have a community septic tank that stinks. It was put in by the same developer. The people that bought there were not informed that this kind of community septic tank, for lack of a better description, stinks, even when it is working properly. As I understand it, for it to work, it has to have 'breathing room' and that 'breathing air' is what stinks. If there was any plan to get sewer, Mr Amos, should not have kept this a secret from these people. If there is sewer, these people should be first on the list. I think not only is no one of the same page with this, it seems some people are using a different book.

Submitted by pukenputter on Fri, 03/16/2007 - 9:48am.

You are going to build shops and high density housing in downtown Tyrone and then you want to reduce traffic into Tyrone? Maybe that is the reason for the live-work, homes above their workplace, in Tyrone. You won't be able to get out!

Submitted by pukenputter on Fri, 03/16/2007 - 9:59am.

What a novel idea! Build a lot of high density shops and then cut off all access to that area! Wow!

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Fri, 03/16/2007 - 8:49am.

None in Tyrone are served by approving this before the..New... citizen's input. But of course they have HAD a LOT of citizen input before, they just didn't like it. They were told loud and clear about a year ago that people didn't want it. That however, was not the answer our "enlighten one" wanted, and is gonna keep asking it till we get it straight!

It seems ironic that the only person who would gain from this cart before the horse, doesn't live in Tyrone any more. They chose to move to the other side of the county on 15 acres. Now that might be an idea. Why doesn't he just take those unspoiled 15 acres and carve that up? Lord knows that sleepy little area needs to be woke up too. Maybe a few other people would like to follow him down there and help enlighten them? I'm sure they could do just fine with a benevolent despot!

Submitted by Don Rehwaldt on Fri, 03/16/2007 - 10:53am.

Boxwing has it right! The modus operandi is to act first and think later. It seems it's better to ask forgiveness via variances, exceptions, changes to land use, etc than to look before you jump. It is a well know fact that sewage is not available for down town Tyrone. And if any sewage capacity might become available via the commercial development on Hwy 74, it seems that it should be going to Millbrook Village.

But, the Council refuses to acknowledge that Mr. Clark asked that Millbrook be connected to Tyrone's sewer – twice. So, he of all people, should have known that this fact, coupled with Tyrone's ordinances, green space requirements, obvious environmental infractions, lack of traffic studies, additional service requirements, etc. this down town project should never have been presented.

The Council should be applauded for taking the stance they did.

And moving on to the traffic issues! Paving of Trickum Creek has been on the back burner for several years and much of it falls on the County. The plan to coordinate efforts between the County and Tyrone seems to be a good one. While traffic concerns on this road are valid, it seems that most additional traffic anticipated will fall onto Palmetto/Tyrone Road. A questionable number of new residences in Tyrone will contribute – eventually. A much more serious concern is the McIntosh Road Property and its McIntosh Village. The addition of approximately 9,000 residents, most of whom will be living in cluster homes (check the map provided March 14th Citizen) and access to Hwy 74 and eventually Interstate 85 via Fayette County/Tyrone dictates that it seem reasonable to four lane Palmetto/Tyrone road to provide access south of the already congested Hwy 74/Interstate 85 access. While not a traffic engineer, it seems that any way to relieve Hwy 74 is a good thing. GDOT, Senator Seabaugh, are you listening?

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