In California (of course) apparently a woman drove her car under a tractor trailer from the side and got lodged, lengthwise, between two sets of the trailers dual tires. Her tires were on the road and she just was sped along for some distance before the truck driver noticed her.
When the truck stopped, she got out, straightened her bleached hair, then got back in and got her coffee and phone and road map and makeup kit, and then tried to explain to the TV cameras how it happened.
I have to tell you she was a white woman so that you won't think I'm embellishing her talk to make fun of others. It went something like this, although I can't begin to remember it accurately:
"I mustuf hit sum ice and slid under him, like, you know sideaways, you know. Then, I wuz soooo under him, goin along, you know, like on another level!!!Like, you know?"
The cop gave her a ticket for failing to keep in her lane.
No, it wasn't Paris!

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