So, now what? GRTA has spoken.

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Not many choices, but here they are
#1. Go get more land from Pathways, redesign the bridge and road for 4 lanes and build it. Cost $2,000,000 more. Benefit we please GRTA and still get state money - and we make Coweta happy.
#2. Build it with 2 lanes. No additional cost, but GRTA gives us a black mark in their little book and we lose state funding for future road projects.
#3. Do nothing. Cost is a wasted chunk of money on design fees and land acquisition, but it stalls everything and possibly forces the private developers to fund the bridge - or perhaps they scrap the bridge and improve the roads in Coweta County for a Coweta development that contains Coweta people.

#3 is looking pretty good to me.

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Submitted by PTCGA1 on Wed, 01/17/2007 - 8:43pm.

He made some good comments on how Highway 74 can't tolerate the additional traffic. Maybe he will come to his senses and realize that 90% of PTC is opposed to this whole TDK idea, and help can the project.

If (in a few years) Coweta County has made some major improvements to the road system over there, and the DOT/FHWA has allocated some money to upgrading the Highway 74/I-85 interchange, then MAYBE we can talk about TDK at that time. But to build it now would only encourage a traffic disaster.

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Submitted by Spear Road Guy on Wed, 01/17/2007 - 9:19pm.

Look if the beloved Commissioner Poole is indicative of what we've got to work with on the Coweta side, shut the blasted TDK down and let'em figure out – and finance – a solution to THEIR problem.

The mayor's actions and comments are terrifying everyone.

Vote Republican

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Submitted by Voice of Fayett... on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 8:58am.

I will say I find you entertaining, Spear Road Guy, but your posts perplex me. Harold Logsdon is the candidate you personally supported. He was entirely transparent. Not real bright, but transparent. Why are you surprised? Why are you disappointed? He was the developers' boy when he ran and the worst is yet to come. You and the majority of PTC wanted him and you elected him. You should sit back and yield to his superior wisdom. His agenda and that of the developers is now yours, buddy.

Or, you and the pseudo-Republican crowd should switch your wine-and-cheese to Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

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